Valid from 5. June!


we recommend 2 pieces per person


Fried herring with pickled onions, mayonnaise, croutons and mustard seeds
85  kr.


Hand peeled shrimp with egg, lemon mayonnaise, dill and cress
85  kr.


Cold smoked salmon with smoked cream cheese, cucumber, salted almonds and malt
85  kr.

Fish fillet - with remoulade

Crispy fish fillet with homemade remoulade, herbs and lemon
85  kr.

Fish fillet - with shrimp

Crispy fish fillet with hand-peeled shrimp and lemon mayonnaise
105  kr.


Potato with herb cream, onion, crispy chips and sea goose
85  kr.

Chicken salad

Chicken salad with crispy chicken skin, fried mushrooms and fresh herbs
85  kr.


Veal tartare with tarragon, baked tomatoes, croutons and cress
85  kr.

Roast beef

Roast beef with horseradish, homemade remoulade, roasted onions and pickles
85  kr.

Valid from 5. June!

Lunch dishes

Danish Stjerneskud

With crispy fish fillet, steamed North Sea fish, smoked salmon, shrimp, asparagus & homemade dressing
195  kr.

Parisian steak

250 g. hamburger on butter toasted bread, horseradish, capers, onions, pickles, beets & raw egg yolk (Note: The egg yolk is not pasteurized)
155  kr.

Fish 'n Chips

2 pcs. Plaice fillet, fries & Tatar sauce
135  kr.

Mouli Fries

White wine steamed mussels, julienne herbs, bread, fries & aioli
185  kr.

Caesar salad

with chicken, crispy lettuce, crispy bacon, parmesan, croutons, pickled red onions & Caesar dressing. Served with bread & butter
135  kr.


with ground beef, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled red onion, cucumber relish & burger dressing. Served with steakhouse fries
155  kr.

Marsk Dish

Local sausages from Rømø and Højer, shrimp salad, smoked salmon, homemade chicken salad, Arla Unika cheese, herb cream and salted almonds Served with rye bread, homemade buns and butter
205  kr.
Side dishes

French fries

with homemade aioli
45  kr.

Green Salad

with vinaigrette and croutons
55  kr.
Marsk specialties

South Jutland Deviled eggs

With classic garnish.
45  kr.

Children's menu

under 12 years old

Homemade chicken nuggets

with fries and vegetable sticks
85  kr.

Fish fillet

with French fries, vegetable sticks and homemade remoulade
95  kr.

Kids burger

with hamburger, cucumber, tomato, ketchup, lettuce & fries
115  kr.

Dessert, cheese and cake

Selected cheeses

4 kinds of cheese from Arla Unika, with crispbread and compote
115  kr.

Warm pancake

with vanilla ice cream, caramel and toasted almonds
95  kr.


South Jutland rye bread cake with whipped cream and blackcurrant compote
65  kr.

Selection of cookies

35  kr.
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